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Why Automations are the way to go


    Set the standards on engineering excellence, day in and out

    Instill best practices and good habits at every opportunity, through automated guardrails, notifications, actions, and workflows.


    Reduce developer toil and avoid burnout

    Toil is manual and repetitive tasks that need doing but are not value-adding.

    Like updating issue tickets, handholding deploys, logging into various tools to check things, manually pinging folks on Slack or Teams, and so on.

    Toil needs to be automated because it prevents developers from getting and staying in the flow - eventually leading to burnout.


    Keep up the hygiene without nagging

    Managers shouldn’t have to constantly nag people on the little things.

    Like pull request titles should include Jira issue tickets, or that commit messages follow specific formats.

    Leave hygiene reminders to PR check Automations - because no one likes to be called out for their hygiene.


    Quickly experiment with ways to improve efficiency

    Use any of 100+ pre-built & customizable Automations to run zero-cost improvement initiatives in no time and see their impact.

There's an Automation for that

PR checks are automated guardrails that ensure agreed upon practices and conventions are followed, reducing friction during code reviews. Think of them as linters for your pull request process.

Customize it to your heart's contents

Custom Automation is a YAML-based framework that lets you easily build your own Automation for your specific needs. You can create them from scratch, or build on top of our 100+ existing Automations in the Sleuth Marketplace. Learn more about all types of Automations below.